“The Kontiki that navigates itself”



The new TUCKERTIKI now features the smartest simplest control system supported by a very effective rotationally molded plastic body.

The super bright LED digit display and control system now gives the operator more accurate information with a single switch to control everything. The display will accurately tell the operator battery level from 9 – 13 Volts, allow times from 1 – 30 minutes to be locked in, in one minute intervals and has a battery cut out at 9 volts to protect the batteries.

The navigation module is very accurate constantly monitoring the TUCKERTIKI’s position in relation to the locked in bearing, it reacts fast and effectively giving the operator more accuracy over placement of the hooks, it is amazing to watch.

The new rotationally molded body has been design to be simple, practical, small and efficient. It is smaller than expected to easily fit in your car boot, travels low in the water and combined with the engineered nose the TUCKERTIKI will dive under breaking surf, the rear is slopped to assist with retrieving, the hatch is out of the water to minimise the chance of leaks and the handle is long enough to carry with two hands and remain balanced when holding.

The TUCKERTIKI kontiki is a self steering fishing kontiki which is designed to hold its bearing. Once the TUCKERTIKI's direction is locked in it will steer itself back to its original bearing when knocked off course by waves, wind, currents or just bad luck. You can use the TUCKERTIKI on any beach in the world, just set the timer, hold the TUCKERTIKI in the direction you want it to travel, start the motor and let her go. Because of this technology you can now fish with the TUCKERTIKI in the biggest surf, the longest breaks, the roughest sea with confidence.